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Upcoming Events

  • Round Table on Gold & Silver
    Round Table on Gold & Silver
    Sun, 08 Oct
    Online Round Table
    08 Oct, 7:00 am – 9:00 am NZDT
    Online Round Table
    08 Oct, 7:00 am – 9:00 am NZDT
    Online Round Table
    Gold and Silver! Out of all commodities created, explored, unearthed, pursued, exchanged and distributed across the face of the earth, only gold and silver have always been and are currently considered "money" by all peoples at all times everywhere! Why?

NOTE 1: Please ensure that when you register you enter the correct email address.  We cannot change the email address.

NOTE 2: The email address you register with is the email address all the links and correspondence will be sent to.


NOTE 3: Please ensure that you check your Junk/Spam folder for our emails, as often that is where they end up before you contact us to say you have not received your links.

NOTE 4: You will receive an email from "" with the links for the event, please, please ensure you check your Spam/Folder for the email.

NOTE 5: All events are recorded and as part of your registration you will receive a copy of the links to watch or listen to the event at your leisure.

NOTE 6: All events are in US Dollars, trading is in NZ dollars.

NOTE 7: There are strictly no refunds.

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Watch A Holy Nation by Matthew McDowell


Due to the number of emails that we receive we now have a dedicated support email. 

Please email if you have questions regarding the following:


  • Links not received for upcoming Round Tables or Events.

  • Links for the recordings of past Round Tables or Events.

  • Times and dates for upcoming Round Tables or events.

  • How to purchase past Round Tables and Events.

Taking part in the Events

To take part in these Round Tables and all other online event or interviews you will need to have Zoom installed on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone.  You will need to create a Zoom account, which is free and log into your account when you want to participate in the Round Tables or Interviews.


All events will be limited to 1000 people.  Once the event is full you will still have the ability to purchase the recording after each event.

To download Zoom please click below:


How to enter a Zoom Meeting on a PC or Laptop

All Videos

All Videos

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Rules during each event

  • Everyone that joins the Zoom meeting will have their camera turned off and their microphone muted. (this is to ensure the quality of the call is kept at an optimal level so all participating can enjoy without interruptions)

  • If you unmute your microphone or put your video camera on and interfere with the Zoom meeting we will remove you from the meeting.

  • Please do not email us during the meetings, we are not able to respond.

  • Please do not share the links with anyone else.